I went out and photographed a bunch of stuff over the past two days, during my walks. I’m playing around with flattening spaces and finding visual interest in the mundane again. These are a few selected shots out of the ones that I took. These will probably end up undergoing a lot of color-correction, like my other work. They may or may not end up being cropped a bit as well.

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PIpes #1-5



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Been playing with some photos I took during my first class of Media 1. I wasn’t exactly confident with how many of my pictures turned out at first (loads of bad lighting, bad shots, and me obviously scrambling for ideas), but I really liked these two and after playing with some stuff in Photoshop I think I’m getting somewhere. I think I’ll play around this idea a little more somewhere between Thursday and Monday after I pick up the camera I rented from the Media Center to do my homework. I’m trying to take something away from every assignment.

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Some of the most recent finished work I did for my AP Studio Art class.

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So my senior year of high school is almost over I guess. It’s not really ending in the way i had hoped. Grades are a bit of a problem seeing as I mostly focused on art, when that probably wasn’t the best of ideas. And i didn’t get as much art done this semester as i wanted to, having tried something totally new out, which though cool and taught me a lot, took a whole ton of time to do. My art grade seems like it’s going to suffer badly for that. Also have been massively stressed out, but things seem to be getting better. Making every effort to avoid as much of the big end-of-the-year stuff like prom, spirit week and all that -even avoided the yearbook-. It’s never interested me much and honestly it just reminds me of how much i want to get away. Really I’m just hoping my last-semester’s grades don’t ruin my presidential scholarship to MCAD. I’ve had a rough school year despite some really high-points. I’m surprised my grades were as good as they were first semester, considering how much I’ve been putting myself through. I’m hoping they don’t just take those things away once you accept them, or that the conditions for that aren’t something i screwed up and met. It’s really scary considering I’m not exactly from the richest family out there. Fingers crossed I guess. Gonna check this summer and see if anything is wrong with me, I’d prefer to go up there with a diagnosis of any mental health problems if i have them. Not be stuck in the position I’ve been in.

Anyway, really looking forward to going to MCAD in the fall! Despite my trip up there not being the best (unrelated to the actual visit to the school and city), I can’t wait until August. A little worried about making friends when i get up there, mostly because of my difficulties approaching people, and what I’m sure might not be the best of social skills? But who knows, maybe that won’t be hard. I’m sure i’ll meet some people in my foundations courses and I’m going to get my roommate assignment in June.

Gonna try and use the summer to get over a bunch of stuff. Eat healthier, dress less dumpy, take more risks, work more on art (not that i don’t already). There’s a lot of stuff that high-school and being generally stuck with no social life has done to me. I’m realy hoping to get over it.

Will probably be posting some more about my year, in more detail over the next week or two. The art show happened a few weeks ago and my work was on display in it. Also AP Exams, awards (happened today, too afraid to go), various shows, and other important stuff. Also will post up some finished work. Going to try and make my blog look a little better as well.

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Some documentation experiments for Media 1 using prints of my Pipes series of photos. Originally I was supposed to do these in the photo studio, but I had some issues with that and had to improvise with resources outside of it instead. I think these turned out a lot better than they would have if I did them in the studio though and I would really like to play with this concept a lot more.

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Sidewalk Chalk #1-6 



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I’m nervous about getting back into drawing stuff in a sketchbook. I haven’t done in it so long because i just didn’t have time and when I did I’d get so frustrated I would just have to stop. It’s not even so much that I’m bad because i know I’m not. It’s just i can’t  stand to look at something I’m drawing if it’s not perfect, even if it’s not finished yet. I know i have to work at it, but it’s getting myself to not just be overcome by stress and have to stop when doing so that’s the problem. I don’t know.

Anyway I’m drawing Tamagotchi stuff to ease myself into drawing again. I figure it’s simple stuff and my friends and I in elementary school were dorks who hung out on the basketball court at recess and played with those things all the time while talking about Weird Al videos. So I think Tamagotchi stuff is pretty fucking rad.

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whatevergender said: I saw your post about you last semester hurting your chances with your scholarship. I have a friend who just stopped going to high school. Just up and stopped going. And he was find. Obviously you should do that and still try hard, but I wouldn't stress too much.

Thanks! Yeah, this has been freaking me out for a while. Now I won’t have to spend the next few weeks stressing out about grades as much.

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More art from throughout the last few years.

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